Susanne Dessaive curates elegant, high-quality and handcrafted interior design and accessories from small manufacturers for you. Craftsmanship from Europe.

How it all started

First I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Susanne Dessaive and I am the founder and owner of DESSAIVE Selected Interior Design and Accessories and your host on these pages.

The idea for my curated online shop began in 2013 at the Ambiente in Frankfurt. We were there with our camera team for the Messe Frankfurt for a press tour. Since the event did not take long, we strolled through the fair and let ourselves be inspired. After studying journalism, political science and law, I immediately opened my agency medianetcom, which is specialized in video communication and television media relations. I was able to do this because I had already worked in this area throughout my studies and had already arrived in my dream job, but I really wanted to finish my studies.

Back to the year 2013. We – my long-time business partner and I – inquired at Ambiente to the business models of retail. After all, we were at home in the media world and since the first online shops were just beginning to establish themselves, we played through the idea of founding our own. We were impressed and decided to set up an online shop for upscale interior design and accessories.

Foundation of the online shop

Nothing happened for a whole year. We were just too busy. As Ambiente 2014 approached, we researched the first business cases for online shops in the furniture segment and held discussions with potential manufacturers in the upper segment who interested us at Ambiente.

We cheekily claimed that we would be opening an online shop in three months and we conducted concrete negotiations at the fair. Some manufacturers got in unseen, others wanted to wait for the result first. So we had to deliver and that is what we or I did. Unfortunately, my business partner had no time and so I decided to found deSaive deSign on my own in April 2014. What initially started in the evenings and on weekends quickly developed into a real business.

Relaunch of DESSAIVE

Today, 6 years later, I am pleased to present you our first relaunch, which is essentially characterized by a clear design, to enable you to shop more comfortably and to offer the designers and manufacturers we represent a professional, more modern platform. The name change to DESSAIVE seemed necessary because the original spelling deSaive deSign – which was based on the spelling of my Belgian ancestors – regularly caused customers and business partners to stumble because of the missing “s”. DESSAIVE is clearer and more authentic because it’s my last name.

I look forward to your feedback on our relaunch and of course on our offer. If you know a great manufacturer or an exciting designer who you think it fits into our range, we are pleased to advise you.

Now we hope you enjoy our new pages.

Susanne Dessaive and team