Order service & Shipping

Order service

You have found something nice, but no time or no desire for the online ordering process? Simply send us an email with the link and your signature to service@dessaive.de and we will take care of the desired order for you. You will receive an order confirmation and an invoice from us and we will dispatch the goods as soon as we have received the money. Payment can be made by PayPal with all its options or by bank transfer. Simple & uncomplicated.


Within Germany, delivery takes place with different transport companies, depending on the manufacturer.

For the countries within Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA as well as beyond, please inquire about the shipping costs individually: request@dessaive.de. For this we need the details of the product that interests you and your place of residence or delivery.

Angaben zu den Lieferzeiten finden Sie auf der jeweiligen Produktseite.

Parcel shipping via DHL / dpd

Parcel goods from Fink, Edzard, Eisch (dpd), TASCHEN Verlag, vluv (Hock Design) (DHL / dpd), winter home, Holländer (dpd) are dispatched according to weight and size.

WeightPrice, incl. Tax
up to 1 kg  4,99 Euro
up to 3 kg  5,65 Euro
up to 5 kg  6,95 Euro
up to 10 kg  8,45 Euro
up to 20 kg12,80 Euro
up to 31,5 kg15,30 Euro
Bulky goods+ 20 Euro
Island surcharge+ 20 Euro

Freight forwarding goods such as lamps, small furniture and furniture of Fink we deliver via GLS to the forwarding conditions below.

Furniture from Miazzo (Schenker or Dachser) and Jansen Furniture (GLS) are sent free of charge within Germany via a forwarding agency. For shipping to all other countries, please inquire about the freight costs individually: request@dessaive.de.

We deliver designer furniture from Portugal (Gansk, InsidherLand and Karpa) with the shipping company. Please also ask for the delivery costs individually by e-mail to request@dessaive.de.

Or use the form to the right of the photo in the product presentation to inquire about the freight costs. During the ordering process you also have the option of clicking the Request a quote link under “Shipping” within step 3 of the order and your shopping cart will be put back until you have received the freight costs from us by email. With the link provided you can continue your purchase with the freight costs added.

Forwarding shipping

Please note that delivery via a forwarding agent usually takes place up to the curb. I.e. the driver will not carry the furniture into your house.

Depending on the volume and weight, we deliver these to a depot of the furniture shipping company Dachser & Kolb in order to book the so-called white-glove service. This includes the carrying in, unpacking, possibly assembling and entrainment of the packaging. Please ask us about this service individually: request@dessaive.de

The shipping costs are based on the following prices:

WeightUp to m3Price, incl. Tax
Less than 100 kg1,0  62 Euro
up to 150 kg1,0  84 Euro
up to 165 kg1,1  90 Euro
up to 180 kg 1,2  98 Euro
up to 195 kg1,3105 Euro
up to 210 kg1,4113 Euro
up to 225 kg1,5120 Euro
up to 240 kg1,6128 Euro
up to 255 kg1,7135 Euro
up to 270 kg1,8143 Euro
up to 285 kg1,9150 Euro
up to 300 kg2,0157 Euro
up to 315 kg2,1165 Euro
up to 330 kg2,2172 Euro
up to 345 kg2,3179 Euro
up to 360 kg2,4187 Euro
up to 375 kg2,5194 Euro
up to 390 kg2,6202 Euro
up to 405 kg2,7209 Euro
up to 420 kg2,8216 Euro
up to 435 kg2,9224 Euro
up to 450 kg3,0231 Euro
up to 600 kg4,0305 Euro
up to 750 kg5,0379 Euro

Heavy load surcharge
From 100 kg (package >= 100 kg) is a heavy duty surcharge of 100 euros charged. The number of people in the team depends on the weight of the piece of furniture.

Floor vases and planters
are sent with DHL or the Dachser forwarding company, depending on the weight and gross purchase value.

ParcelShopping value grossPrice, incl. Tax
from     0,01 Euroup to 120 Euro  10,90 Euro
from 120,01 Euroup to 240 Euro  21,50 Euro
from 240,01 Euroup to 360 Euro  32,50 Euro
Forwarding company  
from     0,01 Euroup to 360 Euro  60,00 Euro
from 360,01 Euroup to 595 Euro  96,00 Euro
from 595,01up to 1.785 Euro120,00 Euro
 more than 1.785 Eurofree of charge

Life-size sheep
are shipped within Europe with DHL, to the USA with DPD.

within Germany 20 Euro
within Europe 75 Euro
to Switzerland  85 Euro, plus duty and customs fees
to the USA, east coast with center195 Euro
to the USA, west coast to mid250 Euro