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With KARPA, the Portuguese sculptor and designer Albino Miranda creates excellent, artistic furniture from fiberglass-reinforced acrylic resin, which is characterized by details, luxury and art. Unique and valuable that marks the room with authenticity.

WISDOM sculptures set

WISDOM sculptures set of 3 by the artist Albino Miranda in a limited edition of 100 copies, signed and numbered. Inspired by the three wise monkeys, the sculptures embody the principles of good spirit, speech and action.

TWISTED S mirror


TWISTED S mirror

The TWISTED S mirror gold leaf by KARPA is a unique piece that completes the room with its artistic form while being useful. 152 x 150 cm, H 18 cm.

TWISTED mirror small

TWISTED mirror small black with "Vitrified" texture from KARPA complements the room with its artistic form roams the boundlessness. Black represents a discreet environment, gold leaf marks the space with richness. 152 x 150 cm, H 18 cm.