Jansen Furniture

Jansen Furniture is a high-end manufacturer of luxury furniture and luxury accessories for a sophisticated lifestyle with enjoyment, comfort and appreciation.


Founded in 1981 by Andries Jansen and Frederik Janssen as an antique furniture retailer in the Netherlands, they quickly developed into an international company for stylish furniture with their own production facilities in Asia and their own sales in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia as well as numerous retailers worldwide.

Products and materials

The pieces of furniture and decorative accessories from Jansen Furniture are inspired by history. Modern furniture and furnishing styles in classic, contemporary and mid-century style offer you a high-quality feeling of living.


Well-trained craftsmen produce the most beautiful wooden and upholstered furniture from the finest high-quality materials, such as exotic and yet permitted veneers and woods. At the same time, many materials come from Europe’s best leather and upholstery material manufacturers in order to guarantee first-class product quality.

Exquisite materials

Jansen Furniture offers a number of well-developed collections. Inside and outside of these collections you will find some handicraft products such as the exotic wood veneer inlays and mosaics, skillfully crafted sofas and chairs, hand-carved jewelry, hand-painted chinoiserie, gilded wood and antique mirrors. Jansen Furniture products are among the best in the world.

International team of designers in Europe and USA

With a team of designers from Europe and the USA, Jansen Furniture designs and develops complete room, office and public room designs, while a wide range of occasional furniture elegantly rounds off any interior. Jansen furniture is found in upscale residences, offices, hotels and palaces around the world.