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Founded in Milan at the beginning of the 20th century as a restorer’s studio, MIAZZO was one of the first art dealers to design, develop and sell reproductions of high-quality, historic Biedermeier, neoclassical and Art Deco style furniture.

Craftsmanship made in Italy

Today, the third generation of MIAZZO has a rich experience in craftsmanship, skillful processing methods, modern and innovative design, combined with a careful and contemporary reinterpretation of historical elements.

Italian wild cherry wood

MIAZZO only uses Italian wild cherry, which grows best in Tuscany, Umbria and the brands of central Italy. Only in these regions does the cherry wood develop its “wild” grain, which is characteristic of the furniture.

Grandfather’s Secret Recipes

The experienced mixture and use of natural pigment dyes, which are mixed according to the grandfather’s secret recipes and are known to only a few employees, as well as the final hand polish with shellac make the furniture from MIAZZO unique, witnesses of a high culture, which is growing in popularity again today pleased.

Antiques of tomorrow

This creates small pieces of furniture such as small tables, consoles and writing desks with many hidden secret compartments, but also larger and stately pieces of furniture that give even the most modern furnishings their decisive accent.




The WING CHAIR from the Italian furniture manufacturer MIAZZO is handmade from solid, Italian wild cherry, painted black with natural pigment and hand-polished with shellac. 61 x 65 cm, H 112 cm.




Very noble: the two-door WEEKLY DRESSER with 6 drawers by Miazzo is handmade from Italian wild cherry, painted black with wiped edges and polished with shellac. 60 x 38 cm, H. 108 cm.

VIENNA chair


VIENNA chair

VIENNA chair by Miazzo is handmade from Italian wild cherry in the middle tone M or black lacquered and hand polished. Ergonomically hand-curved backrest. Finishes: dark cherry, white lacquered, red lacquered.