“To make glass does not only mean creating beautiful objects for us, but also in the production of new technical ways to go and to give the glass product additional properties. Over the years, typical Eisch innovations such as For example, the SENSISPLUS glass, carafes and jugs with no-drop effect or the cooling decanter Rapid Cool were created. We are proud to say that our factory in Frauenau is both a manufacturing location and an innovation location.”

Eberhard Eisch


Eisch stands internationally for first-class glassmaking craft. The Eisch family has been active in the glass industry for more than 300 years. In 1952, master engraver Valentin Eisch and his wife Therese founded their own glassworks in Frauenau, Bavaria, which today is run in the third generation with great passion by Eberhard and Julia Eisch.

Raw material supplier Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest National Park serves the glassmakers as an important supplier of raw materials: from there they purchase the quartz sand necessary for the molten glass and the beech wood from which the glassblowing shapes are created for the most artistic creations. The forest and nature with all four seasons are also a model for colors, shapes and designs of the distinctive Eisch glass culture.

Precise craftsmanship in Germany

Glassworks Eisch produce high-quality glass products with precise craftsmanship. At the hot-glass ovens, the melt is processed, blown and molded by gifted craftsmen in a traditional manner. The subsequent finishing of the products with engraving, cut, painting and Sandstrahlmattierungen have a long history in the glassworks Eisch.

Traditional craft techniques and modern methods

Traditional crafting techniques also include modern, automated processes to produce a wide range of high-quality products, from fine drinking glass series to artful unique items.

Best quality

Passion is on, first-class quality convinces. In the field of glass products, Glashütte Eisch has already met the most difficult requirements for many years. Some of Eisch’s most sophisticated creations, such as the SensisPlus glass, are internationally acclaimed and acclaimed by gastronomic experts.

The family business is repeatedly honored as one of the most important players in the field of glassmakers in Germany and has already several times the first place in the partner choice of the German glass / porcelain specialist trade for its product innovations, the timeliness of its range, its dealer loyalty and its market significance.