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Created by Architect Joana Santos Barbosa in 2012, InsidherLand is a Portuguese brand of exclusive design. Drawn with the signature of the creator, the impressive range of furniture, lighting, upholstery and accessories are connected to her personal memories and have been highlighted for their innovative and soulful designs. Joana explores several influences from travels around the world to define her own Land as a place that allows her to translate her perceptions into objects of art.

DESSAIVE represents InsidherLand with the collections BEYOND MEMORY, influenced by organic forms of nature, legends and traditional cultures, and IDENTITY, characterized by forms of architecture and art. Both collections create a sophisticated interior in the dialogue between nature and architecture, surrounded by natural materials and expressive works of art.

You can find the current catalog of InsidherLand here.

WESTERN armchair

The shape of the WESTERN armchair by InsidherLand suddenly appeared in the designer’s head. The creative process focused on the key features of the cowboy hat and saddle holder. Semi-gloss walnut, Canyon fabric.

WESTERN 2 seat


WESTERN 2 seat

WESTERN 2 seat sofa from InsidherLand is the image of a cowboy hat in a saddle rack. The upper part shows the hat with rounded backrests. The walnut base is an approximation to the structure and color of the saddle holder.

UTOPIA dining table

UTOPIA dining table Reflecting the city that never was, the UTOPIA dining table by INSIDHERLAND is designed in the likeness of the architectural scale that suggests a crossing through the structures of a utopian city, organized by the principles of symmetry and ideal forms. As a futuristic project, two brass blades stylize the dark oak top, […]