Platinum & crystal glass

Platinum-refined crystal glasses in the form of carafes, jugs, sparkling wine and wine coolers and bowls are part of the noblest living ambience, because platinum is more expensive than gold and stands for exclusivity. We carry the hand-blown platinum glass from Edzard, in which platinum is vapor-deposited on the crystal glass in a complex process.

The decanter carafes made of crystal glass, refined with silver, also create a special atmosphere. They bear the EDZARD Qualiplated® seal, which stands for extra strong silver plating and a long service life. From Fink we have the PLATINUM glass series made of hand-blown crystal glass, which has been hand-finished with a platinum rim. They are not dishwasher safe.

The SALVADOR glass series captivates with an elegant design, extraordinary stability and complete transparency. The glasses are dishwasher safe and come in an elegant gift box.

A new addition to the range is the brilliant crystal glass range from the glass manufacturer EISCH from Frauenau: In the GOLD RUSH and RAVI Gold series, powdered glass is applied by hand, coated with 24-carat gold and sealed at 560 ° C to maintain the shine permanently . A perfect one-off for which hand washing is recommended.

The UNITY SensisPlus series allows a symbiosis of glass and wine. The fine-blown, elegantly light and thin goblets support the wine with an intensive aroma development and guarantee precious enjoyment. A quality that is shared equally by sommeliers and star chefs. The glass brilliance is of course also retained in the dishwasher. Let yourself be enchanted by these breathtaking pieces.