KARPA luxury outdoor furniture

“Things only come true when there is a dream.” Albino Miranda

KARPA luxury outdoor furniture is created by Albino Miranda, who reflects the knowledge he has accumulated over more than 35 years in his collection with the quality of a true artist and his passion for the art world.

Alongside the artist himself, a highly skilled team of 35 craftsmen realize KARPA’s intricate creations, ensuring with rigor and responsibility the highest quality standards in this iconic collection, aiming to craft each and every piece to perfection.

KARPA was conceived for indoor and outdoor environments, with the organic shapes, textures and colors of nature as its main inspirations.

The close collaboration with interior architects and designers allows KARPA to constantly improve its catalogue, becoming an even more authentic brand and breaking the boundaries of the ordinary in each new project, resulting in creative and unique spaces that stand out from others, not only by their artistic touch, but also by the high quality materials and finishes.