INSPIRING TREES floor lamp gold brass


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INSPIRING TREES floor lamp gold brass

The INSPIRING TREES floor lamp gold brass is the essence of a personal fascination. Slender, geometric and seemingly minimal, is a lighting piece fully executed in brass which carries form, image and meaning and wants to pass a message of equality among the numerous species of trees without highlighting any particular example or feature.

In the ‘treetop’, the detailed hammered handcrafted work for visual transformation of the material, captures the richness of light and shadows present in any real tree, leaving a serene brightness take care of its trunk and base. The light is distributed by the three levels of the ‘treetop’ and diffuses, controlled by the geometry of several overlapping pieces, lighting the surrounding space in an unexpectedly way; almost ethereal.

The INSPIRING TREES floor lamp golden is optionally hammered, pricked or brushed brass finished with golden bath. In brass, copper and stainless steel (Inox) the luminaire is also available.



Height. 160 cm
Width.    53 cm
Depth.    42 cm

20 kg


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