FLOOR VASE natural

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FLOOR VASE natural

The FLOOR VASE natural is made of light polystone material with a smooth, somewhat porous surface is waterproof, frost-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. A drainage must be drilled into the vessel for outdoor use.

We recommend using an INLINER (plastic insert) for inserting plants.

The FLOOR VASE are available in the colors gray, anthracite and natural.


2 heights

90 cm and 120 cm


Height.             90 cm
Interior height. 89 cm
Diameter.           39 cm
Plant opening.  25 cm
Weight.                 9 kg
Inliner.               22985
Irrigation.          23083

Height.             120 cm
Interior height. 119 cm
Diameter.            52 cm
Plant opening.    34 cm
Weight.                17.3 kg
Inliner.                20021
Irrigation.           18672

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