MOTHER OF PEARL floor vase white

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MOTHER OF PEARL floor vase white

The MOTHER OF PEARL floor vase white consists of triangular cut shell pieces made of white mother-of-pearl, which are applied by hand to the fiberglass body before they are grouted and reworked.

The floor vase is waterproof, but only suitable for indoor use. For the planting, we recommend a plant liner (INLINER) and appropriate styrofoam blocks.


Pearly white

2 sizes

Height. 77 cm
Diameter. 40 cm
Plant opening. 30 cm
Planting depth. 74 cm
Weight. 13 kg
INLINER. 17895

Height. 96 cm
Diameter. 50 cm
Plant opening. 40 cm
Planting depth. 94 cm
Weight. 18 kg
INLINER. 18603