ANELLO candlestick wreath 50 cm



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In stock


ANELLO candlestick wreath 50 cm

The ANELLO candlestick wreath 50 cm by FINK is a year-round decorative object. It is nickel-plated and has removable candle attachments and separate feet.

The CANDLES and the ROYAL lantern (H 40 cm / D 26 cm) are not included in the price and can be ordered separately. The VIANA vase (H 43 cm / D 19 cm) and the glass cylinder with base (H 45 cm / D 20 cm) are also suitable.

If you want to add a glass cylinder at a later date, the GORDEN glass cylinder will fit.


Altar candles


Diameter. 50 cm
Height.      18.50 cm

Candles. Altar candles


The ANELLO candlestick wreath is available in 2 other versions

Diameter. 40 cm
Diameter. 50 cm with glass

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