ANUBIS chaise longue red-striped




ANUBIS chaise longue red-striped

With the ANUBIS series, Jansen Furniture interprets a remarkable Art Deco style that is inspired by ancient Egyptian design. The ANUBIS chaise longue red-striped, upholstered in red-striped fabric, impresses with its geometric shapes with attractive gold color accents.

There is a matching ANUBIS coffee table and the ANUBIS chest of drawers.


Width.   177 cm | 69.68 in
Depth.     76 cm | 29.9 in
Height.    64 cm | 25.20 in

Finish.    EBN
Material. 130
Accent.   GG accent


Delivery times
Within a week if the furniture is in stock.
12-14 weeks if it needs to be made.
Plus delivery time of 1-2 weeks, depending on your location.
Please ask for availability at

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