ABRAÇO sculpture




ABRAÇO sculpture

The ABRAÇO sculpture by sculptor Albino Miranda is a limited edition of 50 units that, through its graceful contours and intricate design, embodies the essence of conveying warmth, intimacy and tenderness of human connection.

A symbol of unity and affection that invites the viewer to immerse themselves in its beauty and enjoy the deep emotions it evokes.

Delicate gold leaf accents adorn the surface and give the piece of jewelry a radiant shine that underlines the fine craftsmanship.

The interplay of bronze and gold gives a feeling of opulence and sophistication, making the work of art a truly enchanting masterpiece.

ABRAÇ comes from Portuguese and means hug.


Fiberglass reinforced resin with delicate gold leaf accents and bronze.

Fiberglass reinforced resin with “volcanic” texture.

Height.       215 cm | 84.65 inches
Diameter.  60 x 40 cm | 23.62 x 15.74 inches


Production time after ordering: 7 – 8 weeks
Plus delivery time via shipping company: 1 week
The cost of delivery varies depending on the destination.

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