Personal meetings with “our ” manufacturers are important in order to intensify relationships, to get to know new products and to exchange ideas and joint projects. I always like to meet Luca Miazzo, owner of the Italian furniture manufacturer MIAZZO. He speaks six languages ​​fluently and is bursting with creativity and inspiration. His grandfather started as a restorer’s studio in Milan at the beginning of the 20th century and was one of the first art dealers to design, build and sell reproductions of high-quality, historic Biedermeier, Neoclassical and Art Deco furniture.

Today, the third generation of MIAZZO has a rich experience in craftsmanship, skillful processing methods, modern and innovative design, combined with a careful and contemporary reinterpretation of historical elements. The designs are based on classic templates, but are redesigned to meet the needs of our time.

MIAZZO only uses Italian wild cherry, which grows best in Tuscany, Umbria and the brands of central Italy. “Only in these regions does the cherry wood develop its” wild “grain,” says Luca Miazzi, “which is unique to the furniture.” The experienced blend and use of natural pigment dyes, which are mixed according to the grandfather’s secret recipes, which only a few employees are known about and the final hand polish with shellac make the furniture from MIAZZO unique, a witness to a high culture that is enjoying growing popularity again today.